Frequently Asked Questions

What are the general care instructions for your textiles?

Generally, be gentle. All of our textiles are either vintage or antique and are therefore more delicate. Most are also naturally dyed so color running during a wash is a risk (no long soaks!!). For these reasons we really do recommend dry cleaning. Notable exceptions include: linen (sturdy enough to wash and dry at home) and our indigo throws (only to be washed with black or indigo!).

How do I care for my indigo? Will the color rub off on my other clothes/furniture?

We pre-wash all of our African indigo and most of our Japanese indigo. The African indigo shawls may be washed and dried at home as noted above. Japanese indigo tends to be thinner and therefore we recommend dry cleaning only. We have not found color rubbing off to be a noticeable problem. That being said we don't push your luck. A final note: always dry clean all of our pillow covers as the indigo color may bleed onto the linen backing during a wash. 

I really wanted (a certain item) but it sold out.  Now what do I do? 

As nearly all of our products are one-of-a-kind this will happen occasionally. Please get in touch via our contact page and let us know the particulars. We source frequently and may have exactly what you are looking for. 

I need custom linen and/or indigo pillows made for me, is this something you could help me with?

We are happy to hear from you regarding any custom orders and will work with you if our time and stock allow. 

My vintage African throw has a couple small holes in it, and even a little stain. What is going on?

Old things age and we're into that for the most part. That being said we do our very best to photograph any flaws and if one gets past us we will let you know about it before we ship out. We do not sell textiles we consider damaged. 

Do you do wholesale?

Please contact with all wholesale inquiries.